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Composer: Johan Söderholm

Instrument: Percussion Ensemble

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Published: 2017

Price: €40.00

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  • Description +
    • Duration: 6.30 min.

      Jhana is a Buddhist term that explains the different stages of consciousness that can be achieved during meditation. This inspired me to write a piece consisting of almost only metallic instruments, or rather instruments with a long sustainable note. The idéa is that someone in the audience with closed eyes can find some inner peace while listening to this jungle of sounds, and someone with his or her eyes open will enjoy a carefully executed choreography between the performers and instruments.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Required Instruments:

      1 Marimba (5-octave)
      2 Vibraphones
      1 Glockenspiel
      7 Gongs (F, Bb, C, gb, bb, c#1, d1)
      4 Almglocken (bb, c1, f2, gb2)
      6 Crotales on gong stand (c1, d1, f1, g1, a1, bb1
      4 Crotales on seperat stand (f1, gb1, g1, ab1)
      5 Metal Pipes (f, g, a, c1, bb1)
      2 Dobaci (ab1, bb1)
      1 Kalimba (g1, bb1, c2, d2, eb2, f2)
      1 Wine Glad (g)
      2 Wind Chimes
      1 Triangle
      1 Cymbal
      1 Rainstick
      2 Wrist Bells 

      Some instruments can be substituted with other instruments, or with a different octave in lack of the right instrument. Instead of almglocken you might want to use gongs, instead of metal pipes tubular bells work well and the wine glass can be substituted with a Dobaci in g.

  • Watch+
    • Performed by GONG

  • About the composer +
    • Johan Söderholm began his musical journey in Strängnäs, Sweden, where he first was introduced to Drum Corps International, a competition he later would compete in three times. At the age of 16 he was admitted to Musikkonservatoriet Falun, Sweden.

      Johan took his bachelor degree at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He has been a member of Gert Mortensens percussion ensemble Percurama, and played many concerts and recorded a CD with the ensemble. After his bachelor examination Johan was admitted to Malmö Academy of Music, where he now studies for his master degree. During his studies he has taught percussion at music schools and music museeums both in Sweden and Denmark, composed music for percussion and arranged music for solo and percussion quartet.

      Johan appeared as a soloist at The Royal Palace in Stockholm with Musikkonservatoriet Faluns orchestra, and he was asked to perform Samurai at the SPIS-event (Percussion Pedagogues in Sweden-event) 2014 by the co founder of Kroumata, Anders Holdar.

      Today Johan is a member of GONG Percussion, a quartet he and three friends founded in Falun 2010. The ensemble has played many concerts throughout Sweden on chamber music festivals and in Stockholm Concert Hall, and the quartets repertoire includes pieces written by or arranged by Johan.

  • Credits +
    • Front Cover graphics and layout: Johan Söderholm
      Photo: Jonas Bilberg
      Engraving: Johan Söderholm
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER