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Neoclassical Sonata N° 1

Composer: Hartwig Riedl

Instrument: Alto Recorder and Piano

Level: Intermediate

Published: 2024

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    • Duration: 11-12 min.

      Six Neoclassical Sonatas

      The origin of these six sonatas goes back to March 2020, the outbreak of covid, the overall character of these sonatas could be described as “epic”. “Epic” in so far as the first and last movement of these sonatas do not develop motives or themes dynamically, full of conflict and drama and so are aiming at an impressive conclusion (though much care has been given to creating memorable codas for all movements). They resemble rather voyages through a gentle, rolling countryside where the travel itself is the “destination”, bare of extremes, but rewarding through their many colourful variations and rediscoveries.

      Sonata N° 1 in C

      This simple, tender and affectionate theme of I. Moderato is meant to set the tone for the whole of these six sonatas and is much in line with the general remarks on the left: it does not crave for publicity but is happily content within its little world where its variant in minor does not mean drama but simply a nice little colouring. II. Andante is a quite faithful replica of the slow movement of my suite for flute and strings, whose real origins date back to my late teens when I raved about Sidney Bichet and hits like "Petite Fleur" and "Autumn Leaves". After the melancolic second movement, III. Siciliano reverts to that positive C-Major of the first movement with an innocent, easy-going little theme. After the “sprightly” beginning of IV. Capriccio, the Ab-Major episode should be played very legato and possibly a bit slower.The coda features a short allusion to a nostalgic German good-night-and-fare-well song and needs “space”. It ends with a hint at a well-known children’s song about that iconic bird announcing spring.

      Hartwig Riedl

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    • Alto Recorder and Piano

  • About the composer +
    • Hartwig Riedl was born in Hamburg in 1940. In his youth he received piano and violin lessons and composed several chamber music pieces and a parodic cantata.

      In addition to his job as a high school teacher for foreign languages, he has always dealt intensively with music, playing as a violist in various ensembles in Hamburg. His compositions now comprise, among others, two cycles for soprano and piano, two suites for string orchestra, three pieces for larger symphonic orchestra and most recently a set of six sonatas for alto recorder and piano.

  • Credits +
    • With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds
      Front Cover graphics: Beate Riedl & Nicola Lee
      Engraving: Thomas M. J. Schäfer
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER