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Tricolon C

Composer: Maximilian Wolfgang Schwarz

Instrument: Multi-Percussion and Tape

Level: unknown

Published: 2022

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      Duration: approx. 7 min.


      The Set-Up Solo “Tricolon C” is an extraction of a longer opus named “Tricolon for Solo Percussion”. I intended to create an independent piece which functions on its own. With this in mind I reworked the third movement, shortening the overall length and trying to emphasise the essence of the piece: “Follia.” The piece’s atmosphere develops from a kind of structured frenzy into a seething emotional finale. The slowly intensifying undertones suggest a constant, yet for a time, imperceptible threat. Anger looms livid and eventually leads to outbursts of irrepressible anger, a furious release and relinquishing of self control.

      A tricolon is a compound sentence, which consists of three rhythmic elements, structuring the conveyed message. When those parts get substantially increased, a statement can be strongly intensified. A tricolon’s purpose is to give a greater sense of roundness, completeness, and wholeness, whereas the third part may bring in a surprising effect in the sentence.

      When composing “Tricolon for Solo Percussion”, I wanted to achieve this effect in the overall development of the piece. The three movements are named “con desiderio”,”con dolore”,”con follia”, which means as much as “with desire”,”with pain”,”with fury”, a tricolon in emotions itself. The concept of three elements outdoing each other also influenced my choice of instruments scored in this piece. Combining multiple percussion (pitched and unpitched), marimbaphone and tape, I intended to achieve new mixtures in sound, with switching “lead voices”, sometimes accompanying the electronics, sometimes soloing over it.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Multi-Percussion and Tape

      Bass Drum
      4 Octobans (also known as Boo-Bams)
      3 Tom-Toms (8”/10”/12”)
      2 stacked Splash Cymbals
      Trash-Crasher (bright clinking sound)

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    • Performed by Maximilian Wolfgang Schwarz

  • About the composer +
    • Maximilian Wolfgang Schwarz was born in Vienna in 1997. At the age of 5, he started playing the drums with his first teacher in Geneva. Two years later the family moved to Bielefeld, where he widened his musical horizon at the local “Musik- und Kunstschule” learning classical percussion. He played in many bands and won multiple awards competing in classical competitions. Between 2015 and 2020 he studied “Drums and Percussion pop-/worldmusic with classical music” at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock with Prof. Dietrich Wöhrlin, Jan-Frederick Behrend, Torsten Schönfeld and Prof. Henrik Magnus Schmidt. There he gained skills in classical composition, which he fusions with his activity as a producer of electronic music in a cutting-edge manner. Since 2020 he concentrates his studies on classical percussion.   

      He gained further inspiration attending diverse masterclasses and joining the stage with international top artists including Benny Greb, Zoro The Drummer, Robby Ameen and Alexej Gerassimez. During multiple days of workshop with Grammy-award winning bandoneon luminary Raul Jaurena, he gained deep insight into Latin music.   

      Since 2016 he also composes for film, classical music and avantgarde-pop. The sonatas “Tricolon for Solo Percussion” and “Transition Void I-III” could be named as some of his most important works. Max Schwarz is co-founder and drummer of the neurofunk/postrock band CozmicRip (since 2016) and of the contemporary classical/electronica trio maTrigal (since 2019). After passing his classical final exam with distinction (2019), partly for his interpretation of Keiko Abe’s marimba concertino “The Wave”, Maximilian won a first prize at the international “Rising Talents of Europe - Great Composers Competition Series”, performing the same piece (2020). In 2021, his new piece for marimba solo Constellations I was awarded second place at Edition Svitzer’s inaugural international Stellar Competition.

  • Credits +
    • Front Cover graphics and layout: Renate Lutter
      Photo: Reiner Nicklas
      Engraving: Tom Kohnen
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER