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The Adventurous Kid

Composer: Martin Salomonsson

Instrument: For Symphony Orchestra and/or Wind Orchestra

Level: Easy/Intermediate

Published: 2022

Price: €85.00

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  • Description +
    • Preface

      This piece first came about as a note reading etude for beginner percussion students. However, during the writing process I remembered myself being a student and how bored I felt practicing notes without music.

      So, I decided to further compose orchestral music connected to it. This in order to create a more fun and creative practice process for the students.

      The result is this orchestra piece with a Celtic sound, open for exploration and adventure.

      The easy Snare Drum part in The Adventurous Kid also works as a note reading etude for beginners.

      A suggestion is also to allow the students to play along on their practice pads with an orchestra, to even further give them an opportunity to take part of a live situation.

      Level 3.

      Price includes Complete Edition (conductor score + orchestral parts + piano transcription): €85.

      If you would like to purchase additional parts other than the content mentioned above, orchestral parts can be purchased separately (at a unit price of €3.50 and 
      €40 for the conductor score), please contact Edition Svitzer on mail@editionsvitzer.com

  • Instrumentation +
    • For Symphony Orchestra and/or Wind Orchestra


      2 Flutes - high and/or low octave ad lib. Piccolo Flute is optional
      1 Oboe
      2 Clarinets in Bb
      1 Bass Clarinet (optional)
      1 Bassoon

      1 Alto Sax - for Wind Orchestra. Also suitable for Symphony Orchestra
      1 Tenor Sax - for Wind Orchestra. Optional for Symphony Orchestra
      1 Baritone Sax – optional for Wind Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra

      2 Horn in F (high and/or low octave) 2nd Horn ad lib. places for tacet
      2 Trumpets in Bb - 2nd Trumpet ad lib. places for tacet
      1 Euphonium
      2 Trombones - 2nd Trombone ad lib. places for tacet
      1 Tuba

      9 (7) Percussion - Marimba part is optional, advanced Snare Drum part or easy Snare Drum part is free of choice depending on the players level

      Piano - only for transcription


      All instruments are sounding as notated. Contra Bassoon and Contrabass sounding an octave lower. Parts can be doubled for School Orchestras

  • About the composer +
    • Martin Salomonsson (b 1978) is a composer, arranger, percussionist and teacher working within many genres of music.

      As a classical musician he has performed with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, The Gothenburg Opera, Wermland Opera and Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker amongst others.

      Martin Salomonsson holds degrees from the Gothenburg University of Music, Gothenburg Faculty  of Education Gothenburg University and Lunnevads Folkhögskola. He also teaches regularly at the School of art in Gothenburg and as part of orchestra courses in Sweden.

      His compositions vary from solo or chamber ensembles to bigger wind- and symphony orchestral music, often within a cinematic touch. He also performs in pop projects, which can be found on streaming platforms under his own name.


  • Credits +
    • Akvarell by: Tilde Hjelm
      Contact/Instagram: Tildehedvig
      Photo: Harald Nilsson
      Engraving: Martin Salomonsson
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER

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