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Fugitive Desires

Composer: Sergei Golovko

Instrument: Marimba

Level: Advanced

Published: 2015

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    • Duration: 5:40 min.
      Live recording by Yoshiko Tsuruta

      2nd round compulsory Australian piece commissioned by the Australian Percussion Academy, Melbourne for the Australian Marimba Competition 2016

      Note: Audio track would be available after the Australian Marimba Competition. 

      The piece is written in a cadenza style; one long cadenza. Performers may create their own interpretation of the piece. The possibilities are all there!; choosing your own tempos, ritenutos and accellerandos, and dynamics and phrasing. However, keep in mind that simplicity is beautiful too!

  • Instrumentation +
    • Marimba Solo

  • About the composer +
    • Sergei completed his studies at the Moscow State Conservatory and Russian Academy of Music under Professor Dmitri Lukyanov. Acclaimed virtuoso marimba and xylophone soloist, Sergei has toured internationally and been awarded prizes and honorary diplomas at domestic and international festivals such as the National Percussion Contest, the International Festival in Korea and the Vienna-Music and Radio-France Festivals in Europe. Sergei's colourful interpretations of famous compositions, combined with master marimba technique that he has acquired have attracted tremendous public appeal. Australian audiences had many opportunities to see Sergei in action that blitzed the critics “…a dazzling performance by a man with helium hands…Sergei Golovko gave us percussive pyrotechnics”. (Michael J.Easton. Herald Sun). 

      Sergei was teaching at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne (1997-2006), he was Artistic Director of the Australian Drummers Show Band (1998-2000), Musical Director and Conductor for the Australia Day Concerts on Federation Square in Melbourne. He was working with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, playing as a guest-soloist on ABC Radio and Television, also playing shows, doing recordings for movies, commercial advertisements and participating in Melbourne International Festivals.  

      Sergei is an International Master Educator Endorser with “Malletech” (USA), Marimba and Xylophone soloist, Workshops presenter with Musica Viva and Victorian Department of Education. Currently Sergei is Director of the Australian Percussion Academy Pty Ltd., Artistic Director of the Australian Marimba Competitions, Head of Percussion at the McKinnon SC and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School.

  • Reviews +
    • Percussive Notes, November 2016

      “The feeling of pain from happiness and the realization that happiness is only temporary” is the inspiration of “Fugitive Desires” for solo marimba. As it is written entirely in a cadenza style, Sergei Golovko offers the opportunity for performers to create their own unique interpretation. While the piece is very idiomatically written, the free style is reminiscent of the works of Keiko Abe.  

      The opening consists of a soft and quick passage that develops with the slow addition of more notes to the texture. The long crescendi and decrescendi in this section are evocative of modern minimalism. The piece then moves in and out of note saturation with three short chorale sections giving the performer respite from the active sections. A strong commitment to articulation is necessary in realizing the melodic content. The harmony remains rich and ever changing throughout, giving the performer the option to follow a traditional cadential structure or to take a more post-minimalist approach phrasing wise. The piece ends with a very short and quick presto section that utilizes the top four octaves of the instrument.  

      The most striking feature of this piece is the free cadenza style, which makes “Fugitive Desires” accessible and challenging to both intermediate and advanced players. Professionals are rewarded with freedom of interpretation and structure while intermediate players can develop their skills through the abundant technical and musical challenges. Overall “Fugitive Desires” offers a lot of freedom while maintaining the chance to develop one’s technique.  

      —Joe Millea

  • Credits +
    • Front Cover graphics and layout: Gaia Gomes
      Photo: Joseph Darmenia
      Engraving: Johan Svitzer
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER