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Selected works by Debussy for percussion ensemble

Composer: Claude Debussy

Instrument: Percussion Ensemble

Level: Intermediate

Published: 2013

Price: €40.00

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  • Description +
    • Arranged by Thomas Aanonlie
      Duration: 30 min.

      In my first published work for Editon Svitzer I have arranged music for percussion ensembles. In this booklet I have chosen to focus on music by Claude Debussy; four movements from “Children’s Corner” and two additional piano works.  The works vary according to level of difficulty and size of ensembles; from trios and quartets to bigger ensembles. My primary target group is advanced students in music schools and upper secondary schools. The arrangements can also be used at university colleges and conservatories.


      La fille aux cheveux de lin
      Le Petit Nègre
      Children's Corner
      - Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum (no. 1)
      - Serenade for the Doll (no. 3)
      - The Snow is Dancing (no. 4)
      - Golliwogg's Cakewalk (no. 6)

  • Instrumentation +
    • Percussion Ensemble:

      La fille aux cheveux de lin (Trio)
      Glockenspiel - Vibraphone - Marimba

      Le Petit Nègre (Quintet)
      Glockenspiel - Vibraphone - 2 Marimbas - Timpani

      Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum (Quintet)
      Glockenspiel - Vibraphone - 2 Marimbas - Timpani

      Serenade for the Doll (Trio)
      Glockenspiel - Vibraphone - Marimba

      The Snow is Dancing (Quartet)
      Glockenspiel - Vibraphone - 2 Marimbas

      Golliwogʹs Cakewalk (Sixtet)
      Glockenspiel - Xylophone - Vibraphone - 2 Marimbas - Timpani

  • About the composer +
    • Claude-Achille Debussy (22 August 1862 – 25 March 1918) was a French composer. Along with Maurice Ravel, he was one of the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music, though he himself disliked the term when applied to his compositions. He was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in his native France in 1903. Debussy was among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and his use of non-traditional scales and chromaticism influenced many composers who followed.

      Debussy's music is noted for its sensory content and frequent usage of nontraditional tonalities. The prominent French literary style of his period was known as Symbolism, and this movement directly inspired Debussy both as a composer and as an active cultural participant.

  • Reviews +
    • Percussive Notes, November 2016

      This collection of arrangements ranges from trio to sextet, and provides a great performance opportunity for young percussionists. You will find familiar works from Debussy’s compositions for piano: “La fille aux cheveux de lin,” “Le Petit Negre,” “Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum,” “Serenade for the Doll,” “The Snow is Dancing,” and “Golliwog’s Cakewalk.” With varying instrumentation, directors can choose individual works that fit within their programs. Also, the instrumentation is flexible; a 5-octave marimba is required, but you could easily move the octave. All technical demands remain within the intermediate levels (two-mallet only); however, the timpanist must be comfortable with tuning changes within the individual works. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this collection relates to the performers’ musical maturity. Although the technical demands are low, the demands for musicianship are high. The presence of a strong director will aid in this.  

      It is always nice to see works that are geared toward younger musicians. In this case, the performers receive a worthwhile project and, at the same time, are exposed to well-known works within the “classical” repertoire.  

      —T. Adam Blackstock

  • Credits +
    • Front Cover graphics and layout:  Alfred Kubin
      Translation: Maria Susanne Svenfelt
      Engraving: Johan Svitzer
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER