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11 pieces for four flutes

Composer: Fredrik Wilhelm Grill

Instrument: Flute Quartet

Level: Easy

Published: 2019

Price: €26.00

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  • Description +
    • Adapted and edited by Bo Nyberg

      Fredrik Wilhelm Grill's
      "Quartet for 4 flutes" is a piece of unique music from the early 1800 's as likely, as well as his other production, written for their own family members. The collection consists of 11 pieces, most of them composed by himself, but there are also a few arrangements from operas by composers from them the Gustavian era as Joseph Martin Kraus, and Johann Gottlieb Naumann, as well as a Fugue out of a flute sonata by Handel, masterly recomposed for flute quartet.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Flute Quartet

  • About the composer +
    • Fredrik Wilhelm Grill (1784 - 1861) was a royal secretary and owner of the family estate Godegård in Östergötland in Sweden. He received a solid musical training, he was an excellent flutist and he composed a couple of works, which he dedicated to Joseph Haydn, a man he also corresponded with in his youth. Moreover, his musical writings consist of, among other works, three string quartets, flute duets, and a complete arrangement for flute and string trio of The Magic Flute by Mozart.

  • Credits +
    • Graphical designer: Gaia Rodriques
      Engraving: Henrik & Johan Svitzer
      Photo: Mats Halfvares
      Drawing by Johan Tobias Sergel