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Fredmans Songs and Epistles

Composer: Carl Michael Bellman

Instrument: Flute Quartet

Level: Easy

Published: 2019

Price: €26.00

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  • Description +
    • Adapted and edited by Bo Nyberg

      The present arrangement and adaptions of Bellmans Epistlar och Sånger for flute quartet was originally written for my students. Some of them are my arrangements where I have strived to maintain the musical style of  the time. I also have arranged or adapted Olof Åhlström's piano settings from the original edition from 1791. I have made small adjustments here or added a fourth part. Several of the pieces are ideal for playing as duets or trios. They are arranged in increasing difficulty and are intended to be played from the third year. The difficulty level also varies between the different parts in a piece. The batch designations are Åhlströms. The printed slurs are mine. Some pieces are available in two versions and can, like Songs 35 and 41, be played attacca. Fredman's Songs 2 and 3 are ideal for playing together as "Menuet and Trio". Getting to know the lyrics of the songs gives an extra spice to the music.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Flute Quartet

  • About the composer +
    • Carl Michael Bellman (1740 - 1795) writer of Stockholm's street life in the 18th century is considered as one of the great national poets in Sweden. His most famous works the poetry cycles "Fredman's Epistles and Fredman's Songs" were published 1790 and 1791. The title was probably chosen for marketing reasons, since the content was essentially not related to Fredman, (a wellknown watchmaker and fellowdrinker), but consisted of a little bit of something: early Bible parodies and songs from the vocabulary titles, drunkenness and pastorals, as well as royalistic praises such as "Butterfly wings are seen on Haga”. He often borrowed the music, like other songwriters, from popular songs in his time. They came from operas and "singspiel", dance music, folk songs and more, he also reworked them to suite his purpose.

  • Credits +
    • Graphical designer: Gaia Rodriques
      Engraving: Henrik & Johan Svitzer
      Photo: Mats Halfvares
      Drawing by Johan Tobias Sergel