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Composer: Daniel Berg

Instrument: Marimba

Level: Advanced

Published: 2019

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  • Description +
    • Duration: 5 min.
      Dedicated to Michael J. Burritt

      In the early 2000s, I had the pleasure of teaching and performing together with the American marimba legend, Michael Burritt at a couple of summer courses. In one concert, I remember him presenting his new solo piece ‘Scirocco’ with fast-moving and swirling melodic lines – inspired by one of the eight desert winds across the Mediterranean Sea. The year after, Michael played the first performance of his lyric ‘the Offering’ and both pieces are now standard works for marimba.

      Almost twenty years later, I got the opportunity to write a solo piece for Michael Burritt and I want to catch the positive energy from his personality and his strong virtuoso and lyrical playing. And as a greeting to Michael and with a little humour, the piece gets name after another desert wind across the Mediterranean Sea.

      The harmonies in ‘Mistral’ is chosen by overtones from the lower octaves of the marimba. Together, the notes in the chords form a tone colour that is unique to the instrument.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Marimba (5-octave)

  • About the composer +
    • Daniel Berg is a Swedish composer, musician, and professor in classical percussion at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and at the Academy of music and drama in Gothenburg.

      In his passion to promote the marimba as a solo- and chamber music instrument, Daniel has worked intimately with a number of composers who have written original music for the instrument. This includes more than 300 world premier for solo and chamber works. Daniel Berg is a marimba artist of Bergerault and Elite Mallets.

      As a composer Daniel has written a lot for solo marimba like Mistral (for Michael Burritt), Phoenix (for Robert van Sice) and Yán Jiâng (for  the Taiwan World Percussion Competition). His music for percussion ensemble have been appreciated and often performed like Kroumata (for sextet) and Arctic Nights (for quintet) - all published by Edition Svitzer.

  • Reviews +
    • Review (Percussive Notes, October 2021)
      “Mistral” is a short solo inspired by Michael Burritt’s “The Offering” and “Scirocco,” and it pays homage to his personality as both a performer and composer. Much like “Scirocco,” the piece gets its title from one of the eight desert winds that come across the Mediterranean Sea. As stated by the composer, “The harmonies in ‘Mistral’ are chosen by overtones from the lower octaves of the marimba; together, the notes in the chords form a tone color that is unique to the instrument.”
      This solo is divided into three broad sections: two faster sections that bookend the work and one composed of rubato gestures, lyrical playing, and “free tempo” indications. It requires fourmallet technique and solid control of melodic lines executed by the inner two mallets. Additionally, players must be able to comfortably perform one-handed rolls that transition from metered to unmetered at the interval of a second. Most notable are the frequent and complex meter changes used throughout the piece, including 21/16, 28/16, 11/32, 42/16, and others.
      While the piece is challenging, it looks harder than it is. There is plenty of room for expressivity and musical exploration, and it is well suited for an upper-level collegiate percussionist.

      —Danielle Moreau
  • Credits +
    • Art work (photo): Bengt Berglund
      Front Cover: Gaia Gomes
      Photo: Per Buhre
      Engraving: Johan Svitzer / Daniel Berg
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER