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Second Concerto for Flute and Percussion

Composer: Daniel Berg

Instrument: Flute and Percussion

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Published: 2019

Price: €35.00

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      In 1939 the American Lou Harrison composed his First Concerto – a classical and fantastic work for flute and two percussion players. Influenced by this piece, Daniel Berg now wants to continue in the same atmosphere with a second concerto. The first movement is very much inspired by the groove and swinging syncopated rhythms from the concerto by Lou Harrison.

      In the four other movements Daniel Berg enters a world of different techniques for the flute like air tones, tongue pizzicato and Tongue Ram. Every moment is dedicated to a fantastic flute player Daniel worked with during the years – for example Björn J:son Lindh who was an excellent composer and a master in playing singing and percussive flute.

      For the percussion part Daniel uses traditional instruments like drums and wood blocks, but also toy electric bell, marimba, vibraphone and a tuned bottle. The Concerto is written for two percussionists, however it’s possible to be played by one player (both parts in first movement and only the marimba in the last) – just like the First Concerto for Flute and Percussion by Lou Harrison.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Flute

      Tamburine (1)
      Drums (3)
      Vibraphone (1)
      Marimba (1)
      Bottle tuned in Ab
      Wood blocks (5)
      Toy Electric Bell (1)
      Junk/Splash/Opera Gong (1)
      Thai Gong c1

  • About the composer +
    • Daniel Berg is a versatile marimba soloist, composer and educator. He holds the position as the marimba and chamber teacher at Ljungskile Folk High School, University Colleges of Music in Örebro and Gothenburg (Sweden).

      He has made several CD-recordings like In a Landscape, Ricamo, Sound of Transparence and Rhythm Art Duo. In his passion to promote the marimba as a solo- and chamber music instrument, Daniel has worked intimately with a number of composers who have written original music for the instrument. This includes more than 150 world premiers for solo and chamber works.

      As a composer Daniel has written a couple of solo works for marimba like Over the Moon, December and Blue Memories. The pieces belong today to the standard marimba repertoire. In Januar 2014 Daniel Berg recorded a new CD Framework together with Anders Åstrand. The CD includes their own solo and duo works for marimba and vibraphone – all published by Edition Svitzer.

  • Credits +
    • Enamel painting: Bengt Berglund
      Photo (Daniel Berg): Per Buhre
      Front Cover: Gaia Gomes
      Engraving: Daniel Berg / Johan Svitzer
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER