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Bukovyna & Ukrainian Duma

Composer: Yaroslav Kushnir / Anton Kushnir

Instrument: Flute

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Published: 2023

Price: €16.00

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  • Description +
    • The basis of Ya.Kushnir's compositional works are pieces for flute. Most of these works are based on the folklore of Bukovyna (Bukovina), the composer's native region. Bukovyna has a thousand-year history. Bukovyna had been sometimes labeled as «Switzerland of the East», given its diverse ethnic mosaic and deep forested mountainous landscapes. Many cultures are harmoniously combined here - Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldovan, Jewish, Polish... The melody of these peoples is also felt in the piece "Bukovyna" for solo flute.

      This edition presents a modern, dynamic version of this piece created by Anton Kushnir in 2022.

      A Duma is a sung epic poem which originated in Ukraine during the Hetmanate Era in the XVI century . Historically, dumy were performed by itinerant Cossack bards called Kobzars, who accompanied themselves on a kobza or a bandura. Dumy were songs built around historical events, many dealing with the military actions in some forms.

      The basis of the Ukrainian Duma (created in 2022), which is presented in this edition, is the ancient Cossack song "Oh, don't scare, owl" (“Oy, ne puhay, puhachenku”). This song is a lament for fallen warriors. This is a song of a free, proud people who are fighting and winning.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Flute Solo

  • About the composer +
    • Yaroslav Kushnir (born in 1949) is a Ukrainian musician, flutist and composer.

      Anton Kushnir (born in 1979) is a Ukrainian flutist, author of theoretical studies and musical pieces, professor of the flute class of the National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kyiv).

  • Credits +
    • Front Cover Painting: Serhiy Nikolaev
      Front Cover Design: Nicola Lee
      Engraving: Henrik Svitzer
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition SVITZER